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Taking Back October is a rock band from Jæren in Norway.

They make their music by combining different musical backgrounds spanning from rock to punk, blues and pop. Drawing inspiration from artists and bands from the "golden rock age of the 70’s" like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Uriah Heep and others, they make their own modern sound.

With a fuzzy Hammond, riffing guitar and powerful vocals their fans get a unique listening experience.

The artists has many years of extensive experience from the music scene in Rogaland, playing everything from cover songs to originals for other artists. Taking Back October formed in 2019 when they wanted to make their music and combine their experience to make their own sound. The debute single "See It Through" was well received and the latest drop "The Power Inside" was released in February to excellent reviews


The band:

Lars Martin Aasgård (Vocals)

Svein Ove Netland (Guitar)

Jan Cato Traa (Drums)

Fredrik Kverneland (Keys)

Rolf Nymark (Bass)


Lars Martin Aasgård is the lead vocalist in Takin Back October. He wrights all the lyrics and melody to the songs and together with Svein Ove Netland and the rest of the band, they make every song from the ground up. He is also the lead vocalist in the tribute band "Diamond Dogs" which is one of the few bands in Norway that plays tribute to the legend David Bowie and the Progressive Rock band Confirmation Bias

Svein Ove Netland (Sviss) is the lead guitar player and music genius behind most of the songs and riffs. Sviss has thousands of riffs in his head at any given time and he pitches them to the band (it's usually on a Friday and there's usually beer). This is almost always the start of the songwriting process for TBO. He is also a former guitarist in the rock band "paDIOna" which is a well respected DIO tribute band.


Jan Cato Traa (JC) plays in several bands such as "Savn" and "Filth and the Fury", but is best known as the drummer in "Ovërhead" which touring all over Norway to pay tribute to Motorhead. JC is the backbone of the group together with Rolf and makes all the drum beats him self.

Fredrik Kverneland is our guru on keys. He loves his Hammond and will always put the Hammond above any other sound in the bank. Along side TBO, Fredrik plays keys in the "Black Saddle" and also in shows with Mari Eriksen Bølla who won the Norwegian IDOL in 2020.

Rolf Nymark is together with JC the grove in the group. This dynamic duo makes sure the beat and base is loud and clear. Rolf is known from bands like "Cirkus Larsen" and "Howlin HoundDogs" not to mention being an awesome bass player  

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